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Deadtown - Nancy Holzner When a curse zombifies much of Boston, the world is horrified. In this time of crisis, other supernatural beings (werewolves, vampires, witches, etc) agree to help humanity in exchange for a few rights. They still don't have equal rights, and they're segregated into areas (such as "Deadtown" in Boston, where the original zombie outbreak occurred), but at least they're not shot on sight. Vicky is a shapeshifter who makes a living killing demons. While on a routine demon hunt, Vicky perceives clues that a far more powerful demon is approaching. And not just any demon--the one that immolated her father and marked her for possession when she was just a girl.

This is a far more dystopic world than in most paranormal/urban fantasy. Vicky literally does not have any rights in most of the US, and even in Boston habeus corpus doesn't apply to her. Her romantic options are equally (and just as plausibly) shadowy--one is more interested in civil rights than his passion for her, while the other may or may not be married. Vicky can't even count on herself, because the demon mark makes her more prone to darker emotions. Still, she's tough and resourceful; I liked this book and intend to read the next one.