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The Nightmare Garden - Caitlin Kittredge When this series began, Aoife was a well-behaved engineering student. Her mother was mad, her brother was also mad and possibly a traitor, and necrovirus monsters surrounded Lovecraft City, and but Aoife just wanted to keep her head down and her mind clear long enough to graduate and work with engines. But then her brother sent a mysterious message, calling Aoife out of safety and on the run. Since then, she discovered that the necrovirus is really magic and that she herself has fairy blood, and shortly thereafter destroyed the barriers keeping the fey and human worlds separate. Now Aoife is in more danger than ever.

Aoife's universe is a fascinating mixture of steampunk, malevolent fairies, and magical forces so much more powerful than us that they would rip our brains apart if we so much as thought of them. It's fab! Aoife herself is wonderfully complex. That said, I did enjoy this, but less so than the first book. The plot is so convoluted, and Aoife's goals change so often, that by the end I was pretty tired of it.